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Joint  International Scientific Conference

Agrarian Perspectives XXIV.


25th Annual Conference

of the Austrian Society of Agricultural Economics

Global Agribusiness and the Rural Economy

Agriculture is still a key sector in the world. It feeds a global population of 7 billion people and rural society counts more than 3 billion people. The agricultural sector determines economic development and stability in many countries. Interestingly, persisting differences in production, consumption, self-sufficiency, strategies and policies arise at the level of developed and developing countries. Against the background of an intensifying competition for agricultural commodities and inputs the influence of global agribusiness on rural employment, environment and income distribution remains diverse and controversial. How strong is the influence of global agribusiness on shaping production technology (e.g. through seeds and contract farming)? How strong is the influence through setting standards (e.g. through labels)? How strong is global agriculture influencing local demand (e.g. through price setting and advertisements)? Answers to these questions are essential in order to shape policies which help to position rural economies in a global world with ecological and social challenges. The key notes of the conference will address these topics with a clear focus on central Europe.
The joint conference organized by the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) and the Austrian Society of Agricultural Economics (ÖGA) focuses on topics of the agribusiness and its relations to rural development. The general topic of the conference provides not only a platform for discussing theoretical issues but also for sharing experience, identifying practical problems and exploring which solutions can be clarified with the assistance of the scientific communities. The topics in the contributed sessions are not limited to the general topic.

Topics for Contributed Papers

  • Global Agribusiness and the Rural Economy;
  • Agricultural economics and management;
  • Agribusiness economics, development and strategies;
  • Agricultural markets, marketing, consumption;
  • Rural development;
  • Agricultural sociology and gender issues;
  • Information and communication technologies in agribusiness;
  • Agricultural policy and law;
  • Sustainable development;
  • Renewable energies.

Programme Committee

  • Miroslav Svatoš (CULS Prague, CZ),
  • Karel Tomšík (CULS Prague, CZ),
  • Lukáš Čechura (CULS Prague, CZ),
  • Luboš Smutka (CULS Prague, CZ),
  • Helena Řezbová (CULS Prague, CZ),
  • Milan Houška (CULS Prague, CZ),
  • Josef Hambrusch (AWI, Vienna, AT),
  • Jochen Kantelhardt (BOKU, Vienna, AT),
  • Ulrich Morawetz (BOKU, Vienna, AT),
  • Theresia Oedl-Wieser (BABF, Vienna, AT),
  • Franz Sinabell (WIFO, Vienna, AT)

Organizing Committee

Ludmila Pánková

  • Renata Aulová
  • Petr Cihelka
  • Hana Čtyroká
  • Michaela Grötzer
  • Martin Gürtler
  • Michaela Havlíková
  • Jan Hučko
  • Jiří Jiral
  • Karel Malec
  • Marie Pechrová
  • Luboš Smutka

Registration fee

The conference registration fee amounts CZK 3,100 or € 115 and for the optional field trip CZK 800 or € 30. Payment is due by 10th August 2015 either on the CULS account (AP participants) or ÖGA account. Each participant will receive detailed information concerning payments via email after submission of the abstract.

Participation in the conference is also possible without having a contributed paper.