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Global and European Challenges for Food Production, Agribusiness and the Rural Economy

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The conference is organized under the auspices of the Czech Minister of Agriculture Marian Jurečka.

Global economy as well as regional economies are currently facing a number of problems - their solution lies in many areas - including agriculture. The transformation of agriculture together with the rural development in today's dynamically evolving world plays a vital role in developed countries, and especially in developing countries. Global and regional agriculture is again standing at a critical juncture. The 21st century places numerous challenges on agriculture (economic, social, environmental, moral-ethical, etc.) such as population growth, poverty, climate changes, inequity, lack of water, agricultural land shortage, political and economic instability, increasing tensions in global society, and a limited ability to coordinate trade liberalisation. The solution to these problems will be decisive for the future of mankind. These problems and their solutions are not only a challenge for individual states and regions but also for the whole world. If we manage to find satisfactory solutions, we can expect that human society as a whole will be strengthened. If, on the other hand, we fail to solve these global problems, the impact on regional and global development could be disastrous.

The general topic of the conference provides not only a platform for discussing theoretical issues, but also for sharing experience, identifying practical problems and exploring which solutions can be clarified with the assistance of the scientific communities. This call for papers addresses researchers, academics and practitioners in the fields of agricultural economics and management, informatics, agricultural policy and rural development. Authors are invited to submit abstracts in electronic format via the link by 15th March 2016.

The Conference Proceedings (2010 - 2013) are indexed in Web of Science (ISI Web of Knowledge) database. The Conference Proceedings 2016 will be sent for indexation. (years 2014, 2015 are in process).

Topics for Contributed Papers
  • Global and European agribusiness;
  • Global and European food production; food self-sufficiency, food wastage;
  • Agricultural economics and policy;
  • Agribusiness management and marketing;
  • Agricultural markets, trade, consumption;
  • Agribusiness economics, development and strategies;
  • Rural issues related to agriculture and agribusiness;
  • Agricultural sociology;
  • Information and communication technologies in agriculture.

Programme Committee
  • Miroslav Svatoš (CULS Prague)
  • Lukáš Čechura (CULS Prague)
  • Helena Čermáková (CULS Prague)
  • Vlastimil Černý (CULS Prague)
  • Milan Houška (CULS Prague)
  • Michal Lošťák (CULS Prague)
  • Helena Řezbová (CULS Prague)
  • Luboš Smutka (CULS Prague)
  • Libuše Svatošová (CULS Prague)
  • Ivana Tichá (CULS Prague)
  • Karel Tomšík (CULS Prague)
  • Jiří Vaněk (CULS Prague)
  • Lukáš Zagata (CULS Prague)
  • Philippe Burny (University of Liege)
  • Jarosław Gołębiewski (Warsaw University of Life Sciences)
  • Libor Grega (Mendel University in Brno)
  • Elena Horská (Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra)
  • Jochen Kantelhardt (Austrian Society of Agricultural Economics)
  • József Káposzta (Szent István University)
  • Irina Kharcheva (Russian Timiryazev State Agrarian University)
  • Arnošt Motyčka (Mendel University in Brno)
  • Thomas L. Payne (University of Missouri)
  • Ladislav Rolínek (University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice)
  • Hartmut Sommer (University of Applied Sciences Bingen)
  • Hans Karl Wytrzens (University of Natural and Life Sciences in Vienna)

Organizing Committee

Ludmila Pánková

  • Renata Aulová
  • Petr Cihelka
  • Hana Čtyroká
  • Michaela Havlíková
  • Michal Hruška
  • Jan Hučko
  • Jiří Jiral
  • Michal Malý
  • Pavel Moulis
  • Petra Šánová

The conference language is English. Abstracts, contributed paper presentations and plenary sessions are held in English.

Registration fee

  • FULL registration fee for each paper and participant: 
    CZK 4,600 – conference fee including optional field trip (3-day programme)

  • REDUCED registration fee for each paper and participant: 
    CZK 3,800 – conference fee excluding optional field trip (2-day programme)

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