Petr Klos

He graduated at the College of transport and communications in Žilina, specialization on operation and economics of traffic. After he was employed in the state enterprise Military forests and estates in Plumlov. He subsequently worked in the Bank Haná, which bank was founded by agricultural cooperatives for the purpose of financing the needs of farmers. After retiring from the bank to private business in the field of investment. Now it is already six years of his professional life closely connected with the soil, when working with a company specializing in agricultural real estate in the area of consulting and trade.

Over the years his practice has racked up a large amount of practical experience in solving life situation and the problems associated with ownership of the land, from the beginning of his employment and business was always closely intertwined with the land.

To work in the Czech landowners organisation it has brought the pursuit of striking a balance between all stakeholders in relation to the land. Now, after decades of decay, to the soil once again returns to its actual price and value. Together with this, however stealthily increasing efforts to restrict the land owners in favour of interest groups, masked whether the public interest or the common good. Czech landowners organisation must be strong and skilled opponent in the creation of legislation impinging on millions of landowners in the Czech Republic. And how in the protection of property rights, and in the protecting the land itself, as a basic element of nature and landscape.

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