Zdeněk Hazdra

He graduated in history with specialization in modern history at the Philosophical faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc. During the studies he completed internships and seminars in Germany and Austria (Universität Wien). In addition to other recognitions, won the Prize of the Learned society of the Czech Republic for the year 2002 fir work in the field of history (category of students).

 In 2008 – 2010 he was employed at the Institute for the study of totalitarian regimes, where he created and led the Department of time of non-freedom examination (198 – 1945), dealing with the history of Czech society in the years of the nazi occupation. After a few months this institution also temporarily led as director.

In the years 2010 – 2014 he worked as a scientific worker at the Department of central European studies at the Philosophical faculty of Charles University in Prague. His research focuses particularly on the issue of the nobility in the period between the two world wars and in times of totalitarian regimes; then on the thematic of the anti-nazi resistance and communist persecution in the 50´s years of the 20th century.

 Next to purely professional activities (author or co-author of several books and number of studies) pays attention to the popularization in the form of lecture activities, exhibitions and on the field of journalism (articles and interviews in the magazines Paměť a dějiny, Dějiny a současnost, Xantypa, Lidové noviny, etc.). Cooperates with Czech radio and Czech television (e.g. the cycle of Unsung heroes). He is also the author or co-author of scenarios to the musical-literary programmes and television documentaries. From 1. May 2014 holds the position of director of the Institute for the study of totalitarian regimes.

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