Jan Vopravil

He graduated the Forestry faculty of the Czech Agricultural University in Prague, field of Landscape engineering.

Since 2000 he was employed at the Research institute of soil and water conservation in Prague, where he specialized in issues of soil classification, soil protection from degradation factors, production and non-production features of the soil, the hydrological features of the soil, especially in relation to prediction of floods and prolonged droughts, land evaluation and the use of modern statistical and information procedures. Since 2006 he has been head of the Department of soil science and soil protection.

For his scientific activities, he received the Prize of the minister of agriculture for young scientific workers and the recognition of the Academy of agricultural science. He is a designer series of research tasks in the field of soil science. At the same time he was working closely with the practice to address specific things such as working with farmers, municipalities, state institutions, commercial sphere to the citizens.

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